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THE LOCK BOX is a small unisex hair salon located in the South Jersey area. Our salon exhibits a calm, comfortable and friendly environment. We strive to satisfy and accommodate our customers. Our goal is to enhance the health of your hair and educate you on how to do the same. Natural hair is the best hair. You should always love the hair you're in. Our hairstylists are passionate in their skills.  Services available are:

  • Braids (all styles)
  • Individuals (Box, Micros)
  • Sister/brother Locks 
  • Coil twists
  • Weave Installs 
  • Traditional Locks
  • Cornrows
  • Hair Treatments

We also have available for purchase Body Oils, shea butter and  natural soaps. 

                         All are welcomed!!!!!

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We have body oils, shea butter, soaps, perfume burning oils, and incenses available.